Sunday, October 1, 2017

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Rey and BB-8 Family Halloween Costumes

As we started talking about what the kids want to be for Halloween this year, I decided it was time I shared the fairly elaborate family Star Wars costume theme we pulled off last year.

Louisa (8) was Princess Leia, Leo (6) was Luke Skywalker, and Lottie (2) was BB-8. I was Rey, and AJ was Kylo Ren.

For Luke and Leia I used these Etsy patterns as a starting point. The pattern for Leia's hooded white dress was great and very easy to make. I used a cheap, thick spandex from Joann's.

For her belt, I bought some vinyl at Joann's and used Annie's Soft and Stable as backing. I topstitched on silver lamé pieces for the detailing. It has a velcro closure that makes it slightly adjustable.

Luke's pattern was slightly more complicated but it worked well too and I made him the long sleeved tunic and hooded cloak. I bought some tan leggings to wear on bottom.

Leo's belt is brown nylon strap that I sewed on a plastic snap buckle, all from Joann. I used scraps of brown pleather to make a few pouches that slide on, and a D-ring hook with a carabiner for his light saber. I added a silver "L" buckle cover (made out of the same silver and soft and stable that I used for Leia) that hooks over the plastic snap buckle with elastic straps to make it look more authentic.

BB-8 was a simple "dress" out of scraps of the white stretch I used for Leia, with some elastic at the bottom. I should have cut it wider so it would have more of the poofy-bubble effect I imagined.

I topstitched pieces of craft felt for the BB-8 orange and gray symbols.

I bought an inexpensive white baseball cap on Amazon for her head, and decorated in with tacky glue and more craft felt, and some black pen for detail.

For my Rey costume, I used McCalls M7421. I used a linen blend for the crop pants, and a tan gauze for the over piece. Same brown pleather for the belt and wrist cover. 

Yes, I am holding a dried sunflower stem. Halloween calls for imagination.

Didn't get to making the shirt so I just wore a brown Boden shirt from my drawer. 

So, in the end, I sewed everyone's costumes except for A.J. (who just ended up wearing all black and a store-bought Kylo Ren mask and light saber). I have the McCall's M7422 pattern for Kylo Ren, and almost all the supplies, but just haven't gotten to it yet. Sorry, babe!

Happy Halloween sewing!

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