Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fairy Tale Dress and Matching Bow Tie

As I mentioned before, the "big kids" were also dressed in Palos Verdes voile for Easter. I made Louisa an Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress.

This was my first time at the pattern, and I really didn't find it too difficult, but I left off the collar and sleeves. I was trying to make it looks a little more modern/grown-up, but afterwards I really wished that I'd kept both. I thought about adding at least the collar towards the end, but decided it was too much trouble. Next time!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Natty Jane Baby Shoes

I've always thought the little yellow Natty Janes that Delia has on the cover of her pattern were the cutest things ever. I have had my eye out for some leather or pleather to up cycle into some for Lottie, and finally came across some bags at the Crozet thrift store that were just dying to be upcycled.

I used scraps of wool felt from my Christmas stocking projects for the lining.