Monday, April 13, 2015

Lullaby Layette for Baby's First Easter Dress

For Lottie's first Easter, I made her a little spring dress from the Oliver + S Lullaby Layette pattern.

I was completely inspired by youandmie's Lullaby Layette creations while I was still pregnant with little Lottie last year. This body suit with the ruffle sleeve modification (with tutorial!) and this dress modification of the shirt. Both are so beautiful!

I did a little bit of both. I added a skirt to the body suit, because I love built-in bloomers and covered-up diapers! And of course, the ruffled sleeves are the perfect addition to make this pattern a little more "girly."

I used organic voile by Cloud9 Fabrics (Palos Verdes in Miraleste. LOVE all of that line!) Like others have written, the bodysuit is best sewn in something soft or apparel weight—quilting cotton would not be so great.

The pattern is really nice and I am going to make it again without the skirt because it is adorable on its own, too. Not like a regular onesie—it has some poof below the waist and enough detail to be a true outfit on its own. She wore her layette jacket all winter. I still haven't tried the pants.

The skirt was actually a little bit of a fail because I didn't cut it nearly wide enough for how much I had wanted it to gather. So, it ended up hanging a little too straight, but I am still happy with it over all.

To add the skirt, I simply slashed and spread the pattern piece, and added 1/2 seam allowance to both top and bottom halves. Then I sewed the bottom and top halves separately following the pattern instructions, then joined them both with the skirt (a rectangular piece about 6" long) sandwiched between and serged the seam allowances to finish.

And, because I love matching and love this fabric so much, Louisa, Leo and I all had a little something of it for Easter, too, which I will blog soon.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a beautiful baby, you must be very proud.
    A lovely lovely outfit too.
    Well done.
    xx N


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