Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hermione Granger Costume

Louisa loves Harry Potter and so do we. She is reading the Sorcerer's Stone for the 4th time right now. Hermione is so smart and brave and I was very happy that she chose her for Halloween this year.

I made the robe, the blouse and the skirt.

I used Simplicity 9372 (also sold as 4866 and 4462), which I paid a few dollars for on ebay. Much easier for me than self-drafting.

I sewed size 7, and had to take an inch or two off the bottom.

I took some of the point out of the sleeve, and omitted the cuffs. I used one black frog closure from Jo-ann rather than a hook and eye.

I used Robert Kaufman Carmel Suiting in black and the lining is burgundy China Silk polyester.

For the blouse and skirt, I used the Oliver + S Music Class pattern. Perfect for a school uniform or recital.

The blouse is Robert Kaufman Zazibar Shirting in optic white. I wanted something wrinkle-free. I went a little overboard and did the entire thing in french seams.

The skirt is cut from a grey wool blend that used to be a long, wrap skirt that belonged to my grandmother. Yay for more family upcycling!

I love that the Music Class skirt has built in pockets, and the way the pleated panels make it flare at the bottom.

The pattern is just four pieces and was very quick to make.

The Gryffindor patch is from the Harry Potter World website and the tie is from Amazon.

I wish I could have found a child's size tie. I thought about making one but... been there done that (probably won't be hand-piecing a striped tie again, ha!). She's wearing black ballet tights.

Louisa and her dad made the wand. Hermione's wand is 10 3/4 inches, for your reference. :) We found a suitable stick on a hike recently and they whittled it, sanded it, drew some vines in brown Sharpie, and lightly stained it with some stain we had left over from other projects.

Hopefully I will have time this week to make Lottie's costume. Leo is going as a police man and will be wearing nothing homemade!

Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading.


  1. I think you just solved my Halloween costume conundrum! Looks great!

  2. This is so wonderful! I hope my daughter wants to be Hermione one day :)

  3. Thanks, Kimberly! Did you have a Hermione, too?


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