cro • zette [krow-zet]
  1. A made up word that comes from a common mispronunciation of my hometown, Crozet, VA.
  2. A female Crozetian.
  3. A play on the name of our local newspaper, which my dad publishes (and I help), The Crozet Gazette.
  4. The name of the former Crozet High School student newspaper (this fact was told one time to me by our local historian—I’m hoping he finds me a copy of an issue someday.)
  5. A blog about sewing and other good things by me, Allie, a freelance graphic designer, mother of Louisa, Leo and Lottie, and wife of AJ, who I used to play french horn beside in middle school band.
More fun facts...

We have a little boston terror named Bruno.
AJ and I used to keep a pizza blog when we lived in Brooklyn.
I'm pretty into running.

Photo: 3 Cats Photo

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