Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picnic Sundress

I fell in love with this monkeysbug pattern as soon as I saw this picture in her etsy shop. The way the straps tie behind the shoulders is such a sweet detail.

I made it for Louisa, who just turned three and is 31 pounds, in a size 2, based on the measurements in the e-pattern. However, it still came out looking very big around the chest, and a little too short (although doing the hem right would have helped). I had intended to add some length but forgot before I started cutting. Next time I would make a little extra bias tape and extend the straps because I ended up not having a lot of length to tie the bows well. I cut the pockets but haven't gotten to put them on yet.

I found the pattern to be pretty good, except she usually left out "right sides together" (or wrong sides together) in her instructions, which left me studying the photographs to make sure I was proceeding correctly. I ended up messing up the hem design, but I went with it.

The main fabric is oliver + s city weekend for moda, treetops in aqua. The trim is the same, in downtown turquoise dots.