Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fairy Tale Dress and Matching Bow Tie

As I mentioned before, the "big kids" were also dressed in Palos Verdes voile for Easter. I made Louisa an Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress.

This was my first time at the pattern, and I really didn't find it too difficult, but I left off the collar and sleeves. I was trying to make it looks a little more modern/grown-up, but afterwards I really wished that I'd kept both. I thought about adding at least the collar towards the end, but decided it was too much trouble. Next time!

The skirt lining is Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Spa Aqua (I used some white lawn I had for the bodice lining). And I used some shiny pink tulle leftover from this fairy dress.

I cut a size 6 bodice, and cut the skirt to a size 7 length and size 10 width for extra fullness.

I cut the belt in the spa aqua, but was not satisfied with it. I was having trouble sewing it on nicely (it is hand-sewn all the way around at the end) so I ended up using this pink Crewcuts belt I bought at the Lynchburg J. Crew returns center last year instead.

I want to make this dress again with the sleeves and collar, and with the proper width. I think voile is a nice fabric for this pattern, especially for a spring version.

Side note: Someone told me once that it was pronounced voy-le (another sewist at Heather Ross's weekend sewing workshop in NYC with Liesl herself).

I was so embarrassed that I always said voile like it rhymes with toile (with a "w" sound)!

But then on the Cloud9 interview on the While She Naps podcast (which was very good!) they all said it the way I do. Since they are "in the industry" I am satisfied.

Phew! :)

I've been sewing so much for the baby recently I am late on a "birthday dress" for this newly 7-year-old, so at least she has this one!

To match on Easter, I quickly made Leo a bow tie. This is a faux-bow tie, with a stitched bow and a velcro closure. There are a 1,000 tutorials for this online.

I interfaced all three rectangles since the voile is so light weight and sheer. It might be my best bow tie yet. :) Plus it only took about 30 minutes to make, start to finish, and is made entirely of scraps.

Leo's white shirt is Crewcuts, also from the Lynchburg returns store, and he's wearing Oshkosh pants. I am going to be making him more Sketchbook shirts soon though. He actually changed into his favorite one (below) for the egg hunt. Just bought the bigger pattern size!

Eventually I'll get around to blogging my matching Wiksten tank, too.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Adorable, as a fellow mummy to a yummy baby myself, I am qualified to comment.


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