Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heather Ross Weekend Sewing in NYC

This October I was so lucky enough to attend a Heather Ross Weekend Sewing Workshop in New York City. I was happy Heather offered the NYC workshops this year without including accomodations so I could make it work. I was supposed to go in May but it ended up being my sister's college graduation weekend so I finally got away in October. It was worth the wait. Plus I am so glad I got my chance because Heather is taking a break from workshops for a year or two (the last one is in California in February!) while her daughter is young. (I left my camera at home so all pics are from my iPhone.)

I got in on the bus late Thursday night and had all day Friday to souvenir shop for the kids and hubs and catch up with a couple old friends. Friday evening the workshop started with a private shopping event at Purl Soho, (with prosecco), and then dinner at a nearby tapas restaurant with the whole group, including our other workshop teacher the fantastic Liesl Gibson of oliver + s.

Saturday morning started with breakfast at our space at The Sewing Studio and then a group field trip to Mood as soon as it opened—in order to beat the Halloween costume-supply shoppers that apparently flock at that time of year.

Mood was overwhelming, which is why I had never gone by myself before. But I did find some beautiful tie silk so I can finally try making AJ a tie out of a proper textile. Also a lot of cute buttons that you just can't find at Jo-Ann.

The rest of the day flew by as everyone got started on the projects they had brought with them, or whipping up the projects Heather proposed—a cashmere hat with handmade pompom. A few people bought yarn for pompoms at Purl the night before, and split half yards of cashmere that they bought at Mood that morning. Heather also had a simple, silky, one-seam shrug project that a couple people made.

We took a lunch break walk to Shake Shack, and browsed Marimekko while waiting for our food. Then we went back to sewing til 10 p.m., with a short break for Grand Sichuan take-out in the studio.

I worked on my first attempt at a Washi dress (the saga of which I will save for its own post), and also got pretty far along with my second Tova top, which I cut and sewed there but finished up recently at home. I'll post the finished product soon.

Sunday was another breakfast at the studio (we ate well, and often, and it was all included), and then some more fervent sewing as we all realized there weren't many hours left. Lunch was brought in from 'wichcraft.

Liesl helped me immensely with fitting my second muslin for my Washi, but I ended up wishing I had prepared more before coming so I could really work on fit and sewing when I got there. As in, I wish I had a few projects already cut, or a muslin already sewn, etc. Heather provided muslin and pattern paper, but cutting space was very limited, and so was time. But it was thrilling to meet Heather and Liesl, both of whom I admire so much, not to mention all the other interesting and talented sewing enthusiasts who came to the workshop. Several were repeat workshoppers, so if you are jealous of me, just think of how lucky those ladies are :). Now I have a few new blogs to read, including the fabulous Jenny's, Claudia's, and Sadie's.

I stayed an extra night before getting the bus home on Monday evening. Other non-sewing-related  highlights from my weekend are below... (not pictured, but but forgotten: to-die-for dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies from Levain, walking PepĂ© to the Washington Square dog park, and late night hot toddies with my dear hostess and her sick boyfriend):

If you know me, you know how much I love New York, so it was a true blessing to have such a gorgeous long weekend back there.


  1. I'm so jealous! I wanted to attend this but it just didn't work out. Looks like you had a great time! I'll start saving now for her workshops in a few years. :)

  2. you ARE lucky!!! what fun! I'm interested to hear about your Washi experience... mine went pretty well, but the fit of the armholes is a little snug. I love the fabric for your Tova- my sister used the same for a sundress. Les Fabriques, right?

    1. Yep, Les Fabriques :) Everyone thought it was Liberty but, not quite. It is really nice though. Working on my Washi post now...


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