Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt

 I made another Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt for Leo. Size 4. I will probably invest in the larger pattern now that he has grown out of this one because I really like this shirt. The bottom is a bit wide (almost flared?), but it looks cute on him and I enjoy sewing it a lot.

This time I tackled the long sleeved cuffed version. It is very satisfying because it looks sew tricky but the instructions are very clear.

I took the time to match the pocket, and got it almost perfect.

The fabric is by Deena Rutter (Scenic Route, Main in Blue) from Hawthorne Threads. It is maybe a little baby-ish for a 4.5 year-old, but he loves it. I was thinking it would be a little bit smaller-scale when I ordered it, which would have suited the collared shirt better. I ordered the buttons from

I sewed this in November—I am so slow to post. But he has worn it a lot since then, so, success!

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  1. Great shirt, you got a really nice finish on your collar.
    xx N


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