Monday, June 23, 2014

Fourth Birthday Sketchbook Shirt

Leo needed a special mommy-made garment for his birthday, too, of course. ;) He selected this Sarah Jane print from her Children at Play line (Making Paper Hats in Aqua) from my stash. 

I made it into an oliver + s Sketchbook Shirt. And thank goodness, because I bought that pattern three years ago in the 6 month - 4T size range... made it just under the wire.

I made him the 4T with no alterations and it turned out quite well. I used the collar from View A but short sleeves. I did forget to edge-stitch the top of the pocket before I sewed it down. But I got the pocket on there so neatly I didn't have the heart to take it off and re-do it.

It is a pretty easy pattern considering it is a button-down, collared shirt! It was actually pretty fun to sew. Everything came together just right. I definitely recommend it. I think I might need to starch the collar so it doesn't curl up a the points, though (if I care).

He was so excited to wear it to his birthday dinner at his grandmother's, even though it is a "button shirt" which he normally hates. It was so sweet how much he appreciated that I made it just for his birthday. He did say that maybe I could make him a Lightning shirt next time though...

Lightning cake by Nona :)


  1. He could not be cuter! The shirt looks so professional- what a sweet kid to appreciate it so much even though it's a button down. Grant has loved the (few) things I've made him too. :)

    1. Thanks, Erin :) He has been jealous that I usually just sew things for Sister and myself.

  2. So cute - and such a great fabric choice!

  3. So cute! I love that fabric. I still have never made this shirt for my little guy ... we have a wedding coming up in August, I might just have to break it out!


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