Monday, October 15, 2012

Rose Fairy Princess Costume (Simplicity 1792)

Louisa decided long ago she was going to be a fairy for Halloween, so I got Simplicity 1792 (Disney Fairies) during a $3.99 sale. We decided on View C, but in pink and purple rather than yellow. She is calling herself a Rose Fairy Princess.

The main fabric is a pink crepe-backed satin, used for the bodice and skirt. The bodice is lined in white cotton. The sleeves and top petals are iridescent organza, and the bodice overlay and bottom petals are purple organza. The overskirt is baby pink sparkle tulle (six yards).

We picked out all the fabric together at Jo-Ann.

I used sequins for the trim, and made them in a laced-bodice design rather than the pattern instructions, so it looks a little more ballerina.

The pattern includes instructions for making your own wings, and velcro-ing them to the costume, but we just bought wings.

There is another, older Disney Fairies costume (Simplicity 2559) that got bad reviews so I tried this one instead. I found these instructions pretty easy to follow, although making the tulle overskirt was not very enjoyable. Cutting 30 organza petal pieces was a labor of love. ;)

I sewed size four for her but it is too big in the bodice. I'm just safety pinning the back a bit so that it will still fit next year ...and probably the next as well.

I'll post some trick-or-treating pics after Halloween so you all can see it fully-accessorized and in-action!


  1. This is so cute! I'm working up the same pattern for my daughter, and I found your blog when searching for inspiration. You did a lovely job, and it's obvious from the photos that your daughter thinks so, too.

  2. Great job! I found your blog when I was reading your review on pattern I bought the same pattern, and I'm getting started today. I have two to make, so I appreciate the info!


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