Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Max's Wolf Suit (Where the Wild Things Are)

And for my sweet little (not-so-wild) wild thing... Max's wolf suit!

Updated to add the above fab 5 pictures taken by the fab Cat Thrasher on Halloween Day when his buttons and whiskers were finished. :) 

Leo loves Where the Wild Things Are (and I love Maurice Sendak). We've never seen the movie but Leo has been practicing his "I'll eat you up!" and "Be still!" for weeks.

If you have never read more by him, I highly recommend the Nutshell Library (Pierre!) and Outside Over There.

I used the pattern by Jessica from Running with Scissors, available here. I made size 2, and enlarged the head for Leo's noggin, but it is a bit too short in the trunk. The pattern was easy and thorough (with links to videos for the tricky parts) and includes fox and bear (Ewok) variations.

I used white blizzard fleece from Jo-Ann (super cheap) and some faux fur (also from there) for the tail. The tail and the ears are stuffed with leftover poly-fill I had on hand.

This suit doesn't include the claws and paws, but I thought they would get in the way trick-or-treating anyway. My machine did not want to top stitch the neck seam, so it's not as finished there as it should be.

I'm not going to bother with adjusting the fit, but I would like to get the ears to stand up better before Halloween. Max's go straight up.

I also plan to add whiskers, possibly give him a crown, and definitely sew some (non-functional) buttons on the front before Halloween comes.

It's no Pottery Barn Kids, but it was a lot less expensive and very quick to make, especially compared to the Rose Fairy Princess...

More pictures to come. :)


  1. I think this is the most adorable costume I've ever seen. He's a great Max! I kind of like the floppier ears--they have character!

  2. this is great! my 2 1/2 y/o has actually been requesting "WOOOF" (as in big bad wolf) for Halloween this year. same thing he was as a 6 mo old ironically... anyway, thinking of just making the O + S little things to sew hat with pointier ears. :) love your girl's princess costume too- I caved and bought one this year for my girl. Have a good Halloween!


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