Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garden Expansion

Now that we know we are not moving til (at the earliest) next August, we are making our garden twice as big this year. Ordered all organic seeds from Seeds of Change and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Planted lettuce last weekend and finally got the peas in the ground today. Started basil inside last week.

AJ hand tilled and cleared the new part of the plot while I cleaned up the existing area and planted the lettuce on March 7.

The basil seeds I started inside on 3/8 look like this on 3/16.

The finished expansion with posts in the ground and the pea trellis up. AJ did that work this weekend while I was in New York and I planted the peas today with compost from his parent's farm.

The onions and garlic in the foreground are from last summer and the parsley in the middle of the plot is coming back from last year too.

My bulbs emerging on March 6.

How they look today, ten days later.

Tete a tetes are blooming! One of my favorites.

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