Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Weekend Away Bags

I made two more weekend away bags from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing for Christmas presents. (I took these photographs before I had hand-stitched the zipper panels shut on each end.)

I loved all of the fabrics I used for these two.

The purple one (which I gave to my sister Margaret) is Heather Ross Far Far Away II Sleeping Beauty in plum, with Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush ("Bubble Burst Confection") and Crocus Kona Cotton inside.

The beige one (which I gave to my Mom) is Isso Ecco & Heart in paper flower natural, a linen blend, with a couple turquoise, City Weekend prints inside.

I messed up the pockets so they aren't gathered like they are supposed to be (despite the elastic thread), and the beige one was sewn together very crookedly. The final assembly is very tricky to get perfect, especially if you are impatient!

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