Saturday, March 19, 2011

Berry Birthday Beer

My youngest sister Isabelle is turning 21 today! In honor of this fun occasion, AJ brewed her a birthday beer this winter. It's a brown ale with 40 ounces of organic raspberries thrown in during fermentation.

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AJ brewed on January 1.

And he racked it on January 22. Check out those raspberries!

He bottled on February 22.

And we finally got to open one a couple weeks ago on March 5. (We were actually celebrating my birthday, but Belle is back at college for the actual big day. Side note: Belle and I actually had the same due date, February 28, but I was born one week late and she was born three weeks late!)

I think it tastes a lot like Abita's Purple Haze, homebrew-style. Maybe not the easiest beer for a newbie drinker, but it turned out really good.

I made some "razztastic" labels and sent her back to Mary Washington with a six pack to save for the celebration.

(Louisa likes to help me set up my things when I'm taking photographs.)

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