Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Circle Skirt

With some extra Riley Blake Seaside (in Blue Bikini), left over from the beach outfits, I whipped up my first  circle skirt from Dana's tutorial on MADE (finally!).

I should have made one long ago, because Louisa's favorite wardrobe pieces are measured first on degree of twirliness, and second, number of pockets.

I don't think that a pocket full of treasures would have allowed for the height of this twirl, so I did not indulge her request for pockets this time. Even still, she has asked to wear it everyday since I finished.

The skirt was very inexpensive, with just 21" of two-inch elastic and left over fabric, but perhaps a little unfinished for my taste. The waistband is left just like Dana pictures it here, and the hem is narrow, just serged and turned. But that is what makes it so quick and easy, especially now that I have finished the math, and have a template made for her size.

Next time I might use white, or even dyed, elastic to match, and turn the hem over again. I was afraid that Louisa would think the waistband was uncomfortable against her skin (she was hesitant to try it on when she saw that part), but she hasn't complained since she started wearing it.

The ruffled tank is from the Gap.

Happy spinning!

p.s. I got double duty out of this photoshoot, as they were also submitted for my week one homework for Photo 101 at Nicole's Classes. I have taken several excellent classes from them. Now I am finally trying to make use of the manual settings on my camera. This assignment was on capturing action with shutter speed and equivalent exposure.


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