Friday, January 25, 2013

Velveteen Sunday Brunch Jacket

I've been saving this Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush Velveteen (in "Memory") for a long, long time with another oliver + s Sunday Brunch Jacket for Louisa in mind.

When she was two, I made her a size 2. This time, I made a size 6. She is only four and a half, but I wanted it to fit next year, and now I know this jacket runs small. (It is meant to be fitted.)

I used store-bought dark pink bias binding on the yoke and facing seams and serged the rest. I wish I had used a little bit lighter-weight interfacing because the collar and facing area became a little bulky, which I don't think happened last time.

I also added a little "L" stamp in fabric ink (on some blue polka dot bias tape) in order to patch a small hole I made in the binding while trimming threads... whoops! Luckily she especially loves the "secret L."

The purple buttons I found at Mood in New York. I might prefer pink ones in the shade of the flowers, which would "pop" more, if I find some.

The hat is from Hanna Andersson, the leggings from Old Navy, and the boots are hand-me-down Kenneth Coles. She's wearing a little ballet skirt and a sweatshirt underneath the jacket.

I wouldn't rate this unlined velveteen as suitable for 25° and light snow, but it was okay for a quick photoshoot. She's also wearing pink handwarmers that my mom knit for her. :)

I highly recommend reading Anna Maria's suggestions for sewing and caring for her velveteen. I was careful to iron on the wrong side of the fabric whenever possible, and to lift straight up whenever pressing the right side. Sliding the iron can definitely leave marks.

Snow day!

p.s. skirt as top made a lovely version of this in another AMH velveteen a while ago...


  1. It is beautiful and thanks for the care tips.

  2. That's gorgeous! I love it.

    Your kids are so cute.

  3. I just found your blog, and I am IN LOVE with that coat! It's styled perfectly and that little initial tab makes it so special. Great job!

  4. Allie- this is so sweet! I just bought 2 yards of AMH velveteen (got a deal thru for $16/yd). I'm thinking of making a coat for my girl for the Fall with it. Did you see the coat Gail of probably actually made a few weeks back? Same fabric as yours. :)


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