Friday, April 12, 2013

Ice Cream Dress

I recently realized that my oliver + s Ice Cream Dress pattern, bought long ago, was still untouched. Since my copy is the 6 month to 4 year size-range—and my little girl will soon be FIVE!—I felt some urgency to sew this one up.

I bought the main fabric, which is from an older line of the Little Lisette Collection from Jo-Ann (also by Liesl of oliver + s), especially for this pattern, so it too had been sitting around a while.

I think I had put it off because the print (which I ordered online) was a little disappointing. Not in its design, which is adorable, but in its quality—the colors aren't very crisp. I guess that's the difference between Moda and Jo-Ann brand fabric.

Still, Louisa loves her "Ice Cream Dress" so I am happy. The pink fabric is hand-me-down yardage from a friend—just some regular cotton.

Does a project count as "stash-busting" if you use fabric that was originally purchased for it but that became "stashed" over time (read: procrastination)?

The pockets were tedious, but essential. The yoke was a little tricky in the back, but over all this dress was pretty quick and easy.

I'm glad the size 4 fits her... at least for this spring!

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  1. It is very sweet.
    I agree with pockets being fiddly,I am often naughty and leave them off but you are right they are worth it.
    xx N


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