Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ruched Maternity Skirt and Shirt

No one wants to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes that are only going to be worn for a few months, (especially when one is pretty sure this is her last pregnancy.) So, it is tempting to go to Target or Old Navy and just buy some cheap-o pieces and move on. Which, I admit, I have done. But, let's get real—"fast fashion" is bad. Bad for the environment, bad for the American economy, and most especially, bad for the people who make the clothes. Rana Plaza has taught most people nothing. So, with all that in mind, I bought some fab Megan Nielsen patterns and decided to take at least some of my maternity wardrobe into my own two hands.

The ruched maternity skirt and t-shirt are both easy and quick to sew, and comfy to wear. The skirt is just two pieces! I followed the directions to ruche with elastic (although Kristin didn't ruche hers at all and it looked great.) For this skirt, I also did the optional fusible hem tape at the bottom, but I wish I hadn't. It makes it hard to walk in because the hem doesn't stretch. I might trim it off and re-hem without the tape. The fabric is Riley Blake half-inch striped knit, bought locally at Les Fabriques.

I sewed the whole thing on my regular machine with a zig-zag stitch and used my twin needle at the hem. (My serger and I are in a fight so I'm leaving her out of it. Tension issues!)

I would like to wear this skirt with a crop top like Megan did here, but I need to find the right fabric. I bought the Briar top pattern too, and have made one cropped version, but it doesn't match this skirt. It is still hard to find good knit fabrics locally, and it is hard to order online when you are trying to match fabric you already have, or predict something like just how see-through it will be when stretched across your 7 month pregnant belly...

The t-shirt is also a jersey cotton/rayon blend purchased locally. Again used my twin needle (and walking foot) to hem and finish the neckline, but otherwise zig-zagged it. It isn't perfect, but it covers my 28-week belly with room to grow! Next time I will scoop the neck line a little lower. I think that would be more flattering.

When I asked my husband to take my picture in it for my blog today he asked "what does this have to do with your blog?" (answer: I made the top!) —so it must not look too homemade! The jeans are Old Navy skinny maternity. See, told you I still am guilty of fast fashion consumption. :-/ I promise not to let them end up in a landfill too soon.

p.s. Check out my mother's day present! A porch swing! A.J. finally had a day off to install it today.

p.p.s. Leo is in a Flashback tee, size four. I still have so much of that car fabric—luckily he still loves it.


  1. Um, I love all of this!!! Great skirt... And the tees look so good on you! I really need to sew more knits. What's up with your serger?? I just started having issues with mine- maybe tension stuff, but I don't really know. :/ also, love the team wes button- thanks so much! Hope to see you soon. If not I'll just keep leaving you long-ass comments. -e

  2. You are so cool! Teach me to sew!

  3. The striped skirt is gorgeous! Such a wonderful look on you. I just bought these patterns to make a good friend of mine both the garment you've made here - it's always lovely to see them made up on real people - you look great!


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