Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Double Gauze Sketchbook Shirt

Happy New Year! I am hoping to keep my sewing momentum going in the new year, and complete more projects, especially ones that are more likely to get a lot of wear. I have a tendency to sew special things, which can be very gratifying, but this year I'd like to sew a few more "everyday" pieces for everyone (even the husband!).

But first, to wrap up 2015 sewing, I have one more Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt I made for Leo this fall. He wore this for school picture day, but unlike Louisa's Brooklyn Bridge dress, it was actually complete in time. :)

This is a soft, Japanese double gauze I found on fabric.com.

I sewed a size 5 but lengthened it one inch, which helps a lot. I also added collar buttons which is a nice touch since the gauze likes to curl.

Leo hates to wear "button shirts" but he tolerates this one since it is soft and has trucks. But he really prefers knit shirts, so I think I'll have to do more of that for him if I'm going to stick to my resolution this year.

This is my third time sewing this pattern and I really do like it. Highly recommend it for the little boys in your life!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aw, it looks great!! Great fabric choice! I love this pattern too (but I always say - add a ton of length!). Joe's like your guy - he prefers knit shirts but will tolerate button downs in soft fabrics. Still, t-shirts are a constant and he wears mama-made shirts all the time.

    1. Thank you! I know, an extra two inches in length would have probably been good. Even though he whines it is nice to have some cute dressy shirts when occasion demands them. :)

  2. The double gauze sews up so well, wow, I love it.
    Those collar buttons are super snappy too.
    I am with Inder, I just made one of these in size 12 and added 6 inches to the length.

  3. I am taking all these notes about length. I have bought this pattern but not made it up yet.
    This is fab, the fabric was a great find!


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