Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rebecca's Sunday Brunch Jacket

Louisa got an American Girl doll from Santa this year, and it has been fun. After much debate, she requested Rebecca, the Russian Jewish New Yorker growing up in 1914. We've been soaring through the books, especially Kit's series. And best of all, Rebecca's arrival finally got me to unpack my sewing things in our new house.

I had enough Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush velveteen to make Rebecca a jacket to match Louisa's Sunday Brunch Jacket.

This is the Empire Peacoat pattern from I found it long ago when reading the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket message board.

The pattern was relatively quick and easy. It's hard to finish the seams nicely with just a 1/4" seem allowance, especially because the velveteen frays so easily. But, it's for a doll, so who cares? I just quickly zigzagged most of them.

I used two snaps instead of making the buttons functional, to make it easier for to put on. (Louisa's big complaint about her own Sunday Brunch Jacket is that it takes too long to do all four buttons...)

Rebecca's adorable Popover Sundress was a gift from my pal Erin at bungie gungie. Adorbs! Louisa's "Elsa" skirt, as she fondly refers to it, is from the Gap.

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