Monday, November 3, 2014

Semi-Homemade Halloween: Word Girl Costume

Word up, it's Word Girl!

Louisa decided many months ago that she wanted to be Word Girl for Halloween, and I was actually impressed that it stuck! Never changed her mind at all.

Word Girl is a PBS show that they watch on Netflix... sort of a vocabulary-powered super hero.

The semi-homemade aspect begins with my purchase of a red shirt (they only had v-neck unfortunately) and leggings from one of my most hated stores on the planet, (which shall not be named), because... I have a 2 month old baby.

I sketched out an approximation of Word Girl's logo on my computer and freezer stenciled it on the shirt, imperfectly.

Here is a pdf of my stencil of the logo if anyone needs it!

Louisa did not want to wear her helmet, gloves, or boots, so that made my job pretty simple. We used a red headband in place of the helmet. I found a white satin one at Michael's and colored it with a red Sharpie, haha.

I did sew the cape, without a pattern (though I did refer to this tutorial). Word Girl has an all yellow cape, but I lined mine with red satin because I thought it might be more versatile for future play.

It velcros at the neck and is reversible. The yellow side is crepe-backed satin which gives it a little more weight. I do not enjoy sewing with slippery fabrics so this was a labor of love.

I made the belt with her help—a strip of felt with a yellow cardboard  circle and a velcro closure in back.

Leo was a fireman in a borrowed jacket and helmet from Amazon. He loved it and it could have been easier. :)

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  1. This is a great costume! Can I confess that I hate Halloween sewing? My stomach starts to hurt every October... All 3 of my kids switched their costumes about an hour before trick or treating. Sheesh.


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