Thursday, September 17, 2015

Oliver + S Nani Iro Baby Gifts

Sewing for babies who haven't yet arrived is really fun and special.

I loved imagining the little baby girl that my dear, dear friend is expecting (in only a few short weeks!), while carefully sewing these sweet, small things for her to wear one day soon.

I made an Oliver + S Lullaby Layette jacket (0-3 months size), with Michael Miller organic sherpa on one side, and Nani Iro Bird's Eye on the other. Yes, this jacket is fully reversible and very cozy! Lottie wore hers a bunch last year. I highly recommend the pattern.

I took these pictures after putting the snaps on late in the evening before a very early flight to Philadelphia for the baby shower. It was my first overnight away from Lottie and it was such a nice trip for me.

The rest of the outfit wasn't ready quite in time for the shower, despite my ambitions, so Lottie modeled it for me this week.

You'll notice the top is too small on Lottie, who is almost 13 months, since I made the 6 - 12 month size for my friend's baby to wear next spring.

This is the Oliver + S Butterfly Blouse, in the same Nani Iro. Double gauze is a beautiful, soft fabric for babies and it suits this pattern well.

This time, I used a piece of pink hair elastic for the button loop, although that made finishing the binding around there a little tricky (I ended up doing it by hand).

I machine stitched the arm hole binding this time (on the last one I finished that part by hand, which I think I would recommend, time-permitting).

And last but not least, I commissioned a coordinating pair of bubble shorts from my friend Erin because I just love them with this top. Also 12 months size.

Trying to talk her into selling a PDF pattern for them--yes??!!?

Excellent rush customer service (plus I got to have coffee with her and her sweet Coco to pick them up). Five stars!

These are off to Philadelphia. We can't wait to meet that baby girl!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi! Just found your blog. Can you recommend any women's dress patterns that you've made and like?



  2. Hi, Joy! I like checking out your blog! I haven't sewed too may dresses for myself. Finding one I really like is still on my list. :)


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