Thursday, July 23, 2015

Butterfly Blouse and Bubble Shorts

One of the best things about having this little sewing blog has been making a real-life sewing friend in my town, Erin. She and her sister Caroline are an inspiration to me in many, many ways, sewing and beyond.

(Today was an especially good day for the hungie gungie clan because baby (or not-so-baby) Wes had no glow in his scans and is living cancer-free after a long and strenuous treatment for stage four neuroblastoma. YAY!)

While at a much needed ladies' night out (at my current favorite restaurant), Erin gave me Lottie a pair of her adorable bubble shorts, in a fabulous Leah Duncan print (from morning walk). Size 12 months, in case you are shopping for your own. Thank you, Erin!

So as to have a better excuse to blog these super-cute bottoms, I set to work making a top to go with them. Yes, the print on print is a little much, but this is a baby, and I was working from my stash.

This is the Oliver + S Butterfly Blouse in Heather Ross double gauze. (Been hoarding this fabric from a while... I bought it at Purl Soho while visiting the city when I was still pregnant with Leo.)

I LOVED this pattern. I liked it when it was released, but didn't plan on buying it until I was looking for a good top for Lottie's new shorts. Once I sewed it I was completely smitten and will definitely make more.

I made Lottie the size 12-18 months. She is 10.5 months old in these pictures.

It hangs so sweetly. I used french seams—my seam finish of choice, especially for gauze and especially for babies—with the exception of the peplum, which I serged. I hand finished the arm bindings.

My one complaint is the thread chain loop for the button, which like in the School Photo dress, I just don't find to be strong enough. After one nap in the blouse, the thread loop was broken—not a safety issue, just a drag to have to repair. Next time I will remember to add a cord or fabric button loop before I finish the neckline instead.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I use a matching hair elastic as my thread loop most times as I am too lazy to make a self fabric one. It works pretty well. Something like this:


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