Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wiksten Tank vs. Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank

I've made a voile Wiksten Tank before, and it was too big. I never wore it. So this time I made a size small in Cloud 9 Palos Verdes voile.

I fixed the gaping at the back at my neck with the same adjustment Rae made, except I only took about 1" out.

This one fits pretty well, but is too snug under my arm pits, and a little tight across my bust.

I thought perhaps, rather than making additional adjustments, an FBA or adding darts, I could just try the also widely popular Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank for comparison.

This is Nani Iro san ritsu double gauze. I made a muslin in size 6, and decided to taper the pattern below the bust into a size 4. It worked well, but the finished shirt is a little bit big in the shoulders, and slightly too low cut, so more adjustments are necessary for a perfect tank.

I have been wearing the Grainline one a lot more, but it's not a completely fair comparison because even though I love the print, the voile is a little sheer, and wrinkles quickly, so, poor arm-hole fit aside, I just can't wear it as often as the beautiful Nani Iro. I prefer the hemline and the bigger pocket of the Wiksten so a mash-up might be in my future.

Both are really nice patterns and fun to sew. The Grainline pattern is especially professional. I used french seams on both so they are tidy inside as well.

Thanks for reading!

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