Sunday, July 19, 2015

Baptism Dress (McCall's 4865)

Lottie was baptized in June, a day before she turned 10 months. Louisa and Leo were much younger at their own baptisms—Louisa wore her Aunt Meghan's dress, and Leo wore his daddy's gown. Since we were a little later with Lottie, those little heirlooms weren't going to fit. Any excuse to sew!

I used McCall's 4865, (which is out of print, but I found on etsy), for the christening gown and bonnet.

I used white Michael Miller Cotton Couture and some eyelet scalloped trim and lace, all from our local fabric store, Les Fabriques. I sort of wish I had used a fancier fabric, or at least a batiste, but I was happy over all and it was easy to sew.

We are not a particularly devout family, but I like  staying connected to our Catholic roots.

Plus, look at that toe-point at the font :)

Yes, Leo is wearing flip flops, haha. Got another occasion out of their matching Easter outfits, though.


  1. So so beautiful! She is the best- can we have dinner again soon, Lottie??

  2. Beautiful baby in a beautiful gown and bonnet. You did a lovely job! Those tiny puffed sleeves are precious.


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