Saturday, November 21, 2015

Homemade Running Tights (Sewaholic Pacific Leggings)

Finally my two hobbies collide! I promise this isn't going to turn into a running blog. But I do love running, (and sewing), so I decided to try making a pair of Sewaholic Pacific Leggings. I really love the whole Vancouver pattern collection.

The fabric is tricot nylon/spandex blend from imagine gnats. I don't sew with knits all that often, and had never sewn with this kind of slippery swimsuit knit, but it went pretty well. I used her navy and peacock colors. It is "matte" but definitely a tiny bit shiny. But not at all see-through and perfectly thick enough for running tights, although it won't be warm enough for super cold days.

I sewed View B in a straight size 6, but shortened them one inch at the shorten line.

Tasia has a tutorial for the pocket insertion. I used the Stitch Witchery fusible web and even a fabric glue stick to help me get it in straight, but it still got a little wonky above. It was actually very tricky to get the stitch witchery to melt through this tricot. I like having a pocket for things while I run (often just my car key) but I will probably skip the pocket next time to make things simpler and keep the waistband looking tidier. The pocket fits my iPhone 6, but that is a little bulky to carry there in my opinion.

I used my serger with navy thread, but pre-sewed the seams with a long straight stitch on my regular machine to keep things from sliding while I serged. (Except for piecing each leg in the first step—I only serged those seams, using wonder clips to keep things lined up).

However, the crotch and gusset I only zigzagged on the regular machine. I wasn't confident I could serge the gusset angles well. But, I don't like the look of the zigzag stitch down the center front. I might go back over and try to serge at least to the top of the gusset. It would be GREAT if Tasia would post another tutorial on sewing the gusset.

I also decided not to serge the top of the waistband since you sew 1/4" elastic to the seam allowance in the next step. Could have done it, but it would have been tight unless I disengaged my knife. So that, too, was also only zigzagged. It was also a little tricky to stretch the elastic evenly as I attached it, so it gathered a little unevenly in one spot. You can't tell once they are on me though.

I finished the hem with my twin needle. Had to loosen the machine's needle tension significantly, and used a long, almost basting stitch.

I plan to make them again in a more cotton knit, and without the flashly contrast side panel, although I do like it. About a week after I bought this pattern, Liesl announced her lisette athletic leggings for Butterick. I might have to try hers, too.

Last week I ran my second half marathon—my first one was back when I was 19—and it went great. I'm feeling really happy with my running recently, with lots of PRs and the support of a truly awesome local running group, #runcrozet. Weekly 5:30 a.m. track workouts are my fave!

Happy for an excuse to meld two things I love.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You're amazing!!! I can't believe you made running leggings. They look so good! I also can't believe you are running at 5:30... I so need to get my butt in gear.

    1. Thanks, lady! Yes, I know, it sounds a little crazy but there's no other time to go! It's more fun in the summer when it isn't dark the whole time but I still enjoy it!

  2. You made running tights?! With a zipper pocket?! That's amazing.

    1. Thanks, Laura! You'll see them in action on one of our runs soon, I am sure. I'm not putting oiselle out of business anytime soon but it was a fun challenge!

  3. They are very cool! I've just made my second pair. The gusset is so tricky...I still haven't mastered it!

  4. a: This is a really good style pair.
    b: The fit is compression perfect.
    c: Clever colour choices!


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