Saturday, December 26, 2015

More Handmade Felt Christmas Stocking

I finally finished our full set of wool felt Christmas stockings, late Christmas Eve. I originally posted the first two, with a little bit about how I constructed them, here.

Now all five of us have one. They are inspired by my dad's and aunt's stockings from Germany in the 1950s—the Santa and angels most closely resemble the originals. A.J. wanted a more secular design so he got the Yeti. Leo has Santa, Lottie has the angel with the french horn, Louisa has the caroling angel, and I have the reindeer.

I'm very happy with them, and also so glad they are done. No, the dog isn't getting one, but thanks for asking, Leo.

And in other news... hoping that this gift doesn't cut into my own sewing time too much! She is really excited.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh, wow, these are incredible!!! That Yeti is adorable. They all look so perfect hanging on your mantel. Such a labor of love!

  2. Hi Allie, I love your stockings and have “borrowed” your designs to make some of my own. I am very interested to know how you have made the hair for the angels and am hoping you will share with me.
    Kind regards


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