Friday, March 4, 2016

Easter Sunday Brunch Jacket

It's another classic Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket! This time I really had Sunday brunch in mind!

Little Lottie will wear this sweet, spring jacket on Easter Sunday later this month when we go to brunch at the Boar's Head Inn with my family. It's become a tradition, and one Louisa looks forward to starting on Easter Monday.

The fabric is from Sarah Jane's new line, Sommer. It's the Plockade Canvas in Bloom, from Hawthorne Threads. I was very happy with the cotton canvas, which is easy to sew and presses well.

I finished all the seams with packaged bias tape so it is seriously neat and tidy. Love how polished this jacket turns out, and it really doesn't take that long! (Especially if you use packaged tape).

This is the size 2 for little 18 month old Lottie. It will fit for a while—I had to turn the cuffs up for her.

I used two bigger buttons rather than the small four, which makes it MUCH quicker to put on a squirmy toddler, plus I like this look. (I actually still always use the button-sewing technique that I learned from that purlbee post!)

It's almost spring in Virginia!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Okay. This is absolutely precious! That fabric + that pattern + Lottie... Match made in heaven! Love love!

  2. Absolutely lovely little jacket. The fabric is sooooo pretty and she is just scrumptious!


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