Friday, March 25, 2016

Sommer Hummingbird Dress

I made this quick Hummingbird Dress to go with Lottie's Easter jacket, from the same Sarah Jane sommer fabric line. As it turned out, the maxi skirt doesn't really work well with the jacket. But the dress looks cute on its own, and the border print is so sweet.

Like last time I sewed this pattern, I used the glitter and wit tutorial for enclosing the waist seam, which works very well for me. This is the size one with no alterations.

Louisa asked me, "why do you only sew for Lottie now?" So I'm feeling the guilt and will do some other projects soon. She is just so sweet and easy to sew for!

Plus you need a lot less yardage for a size one dress than a size eight dress. :)

Are you guys sick of all my pictures in this field? At least the grass will be green soon! :)

Happy spring!


  1. So cute!!! I totally feel you on the sibling sewing issues. When Maggie was a little baby, I sewed a lot less for Joe. Why? Because Joe was picky and ungrateful! Ha! I mean, what do you expect? But now they are both picky and ungrateful, so I sew for both of them. LOL.


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