Friday, October 10, 2014

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket in Corduroy

This gift I unfortunately did not have a model for. I made this jacket for my friend's daughter, little Maeve, who was turning one. She shares a birthday with my Leo! How fun.

Her middle name is Bird, and I had this fabric picked out for her (Get Together Corduroy "Flock of Birds" in Sea), with this jacket in mind, for a whole year. I'm glad her first birthday party (which also had a birdy theme, of course) finally got me to make it.

I made size 2T (if I remember right!) so she could wear it this fall and next spring since it was not jacket season in June.

This is my third Sunday Brunch Jacket (fourth if you count the doll version!) and I just love this pattern.

This picture made me laugh because I tried to photograph the jacket from above and could not get my pregnant belly out of the way! I was about 7 or 8 months then.

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